The Bonzini Tecbak connected eFoosball table

The Bonzini Tecbak eFoosball table connected to the Foosball Society selected to represent France at the SXSW Austin Trade Show from 12 to 15 March 2017!



The Bonzini Tecbak eFoosball table connected to the Foosball SocietyJoin Bonzini and its partner Tecbak in Austin, Texas from 12-15 March 2017!

Business France selected the Foosball Society and Bonzini’s eFoosball table to represent France at the SXSW Austin Trade Show.


The 1st social network for eFoosball players


The Bonzini Tecbak eFoosball table connected to the Foosball SocietyTecbak, the startup that pioneered connected table games, , presents « Foosball Society », the 1st social network for eFoosball created for businesses and brands. The eFoosball table, designed in partnership with Bonzini, combines Tecbak’s technological expertise with the outstanding quality of the historic French foosball table maker.


The eFoosball table: a vector for digital transformation


Tecbak, founded in Paris in 2013 offers businesses and brands a fun way to cultivate close relationships with employees and/or clients.


The eFoosball table, created with Bonzinii – the gold standard in table football – features Tecbak’s patented technology, for a new player experience with electronic refereeing: scorekeeping, shot speed calculations, point cancellation and real-time score displays… Everything is detected and logged to keep the game going after the match.


The Foosball Society, a true affinity-based social network tied into the real world, offers a new digital community experience that combine digital and physical experience for a new way of sharing the good times.


A dedicated platform for players, businesses and brands.

Available for sale or with an SaaS rental option, the “foosball table connected to the Foosball Society social network” is designed to bring profound changes to relationships between players, businesses and brands by focusing on camaraderie and performance.


Smartphone connecté à L'eBabyfoot Bonzini TecbakSmartphone connected to the Bonzini Tecbak eFoosball table
Players can use the app on the web platform to access their statistics, rankings and trophies
, and most importantly to stay in touch with their friends and co-workers after a match, creating new forms of relationships based on table games.


The Foosball Society is also, and above all, a sustainable solution to the question of change management and digital transformation within organisations, thanks to the unique data it gathers on how players interact.


Companies that are keen to boost employee performance and accelerate connections between teams now have the perfect way to foster integration and cooperation while also reducing stress – it’s also a great way for brands to create traffic in sales locations and build customer loyalty with new business intelligence resources.


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Twitter : @foosballsociety

Facebook : foosball.society

Tel.: +33 (0)9 72 30 41 41

Address: Tecbak, 13 Rue Lechapelais 75017 Paris


Tecbak Contact: Karel Cloarec
+33 (0)6 59 58 53 94 |


Bonzini Contact: Ingrid Bergaglia
Marketing & Development Director
+33 (0)1 43 60 34 46